DAEZLE Abstract 2014 #6

DAEZLE Abstract 2014 #6

A Ditty in Blackberry and Vanilla. Next week’s essay: Meaning is Inferior to Meaninglessness.

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Stop Apologizing for Your Art! (Dammit!)

Since joining WordPress three months ago, I have noticed a fascinating trend regarding artists and their lack of confidence. In fact, I began compiling a list of apologies that I have found on posts here and there.

1.            A new drawing, but I’m not satisfied with the result. I did too many mistakes on this one. But I’ll say myself finished and move on to my next project

2.            Honestly, I was kind of lacking inspiration for today’s photo

3.            Not very good just hope you like it and please don’t laugh.

4.            …not so good though, but still work in progress.

5.            Bear in mind, we are rigorously timed and there are all kinds of visual distractions when you’re trying to concentrate

6.            I messed it up! Oh well, posting it anyways.

Listen, if you’re going to post it, believe in it. Let’s be honest: you are posting it because you are actually proud of it. You want the praise, so you post. But this exposes you to possible criticism, so you hedge your bet and provide a disclaimer, an apology. Problem solved—you can get some praise and avoid the criticism. But here’s the real problem— if you don’t believe it, no one else will.

Did Mr. Hirst shrink in his apartment and say, “oh boy, people have been putting fish in tanks for centuries.”? No, he said, “Check this out, morons, it’s the biggest damn thing you’ve ever seen outside the Natural History Museum, so pay up!”

Did Bob Dylan go on stage apologizing for his crappy singing voice? No way! He had something to say!

Did Kurt Cobain start each concert like this,”Hey guys, I only know a couple of chords, but I just wanted to show you what I was kind of working on, when I can squeeze it in. Keep in mind, most of this still needs some work.”

Heck no, you go out there like Rothko and Pollock and believe in it!

Most likely, you can write better than Thomas Wolfe, draw better than Grandma Moses or Basquiat or Banksy, and sing better than Bob Dylan. So keep working and own it.

One more thing…. If you take this to the limit, you will find that in every argument, art always wins. Critics can bash it, ignorami can hate it, but in the end the art just stands there, showing everyone a mirror of themselves. Art’s just art, but people will have to live with the way they acted around it.

Two Months on WordPress. WordPress, I think I Love You.

It’s two months today.

I hope to exceed 100 followers sometime today. I hope that’s good for two months in here. WordPress has been amazing. It gives us a vast, dynamic, and energetic community for sharing work and ideas. It’s so motivating to have an audience who can actually see and react to our work. I’m used to filling up sketchbooks and piling up paintings that hardly anyone will ever likely see. But here, I am excited every morning, work day, and evening to see what I can come up with that might vibe with someone. I have tacked away from painting for these two months because it is so fun to try to smash out a drawing every day, to see if my audience can grow.

I am part of the audience as well. Due to the competitive nature of WordPress, I find that I am exposed to ever more creative, engaging, informative, and up-to-the-second posts on anything that interests me. It stokes my imagination like a hurricane.

WordPress I love you. Thank you.

To those who have chosen to follow this blog, thank you for participating and I will do my best to make it worth your while.

To those I follow, thank you for you hard work and relentless creativity.

To everyone else, wow!