Since November 10, 2013

I am DAEZLE, here to share art and ideas. My main focus is generally meaninglessness and also rebellion, but I mean it in the most positive, life-affirming way. You could say that much existential thought is merely the creating of imaginary problems, but there is a very down-to-earth component to it as well. I think that part of that is our tendency to want to go very far and deep down the road of material illusion, because there is comfort in carrying out our daily tasks. Nietzsche abhors this work-a-day existence, Kierkegaard wants to make life harder and grapples with dread, Sartre writes of nothingness and nausea and the seeming futility of human existence, Camus looks at the absurdity and meaninglessness of our universally Sisyphusian lives. And yet, they go through this dark valley to a place of truth, of authentic existence, of meeting God on the unique terms which he created for you and only you. This is the trek through the nothingness between mythologies. This is the dreadful no-man’s land of meaninglessness. But it is the wormhole through which you may learn to live on your own terms, actually living and communing with the rest of creation in an authentic, true way. This is what it means to be a Rebel. Not the rebel of Lucifer, but the rebel of Jesus, or whatever prophet may stir your soul to noble aspirations. Bob Marley summed it up this way: “I’m a Rebel. Soul Rebel. Soul Adventurer.” It means really striking out on your own, away from the comfortable mythologies given to you, to seek your own new ground. As Marley goes onto say, “I’m a Living Man”… got to “travel wide”.

You may copy or re-post or do whatever you like with my drawings and images. All comments welcome.

Thank you for visiting.


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