Two Months on WordPress. WordPress, I think I Love You.

It’s two months today.

I hope to exceed 100 followers sometime today. I hope that’s good for two months in here. WordPress has been amazing. It gives us a vast, dynamic, and energetic community for sharing work and ideas. It’s so motivating to have an audience who can actually see and react to our work. I’m used to filling up sketchbooks and piling up paintings that hardly anyone will ever likely see. But here, I am excited every morning, work day, and evening to see what I can come up with that might vibe with someone. I have tacked away from painting for these two months because it is so fun to try to smash out a drawing every day, to see if my audience can grow.

I am part of the audience as well. Due to the competitive nature of WordPress, I find that I am exposed to ever more creative, engaging, informative, and up-to-the-second posts on anything that interests me. It stokes my imagination like a hurricane.

WordPress I love you. Thank you.

To those who have chosen to follow this blog, thank you for participating and I will do my best to make it worth your while.

To those I follow, thank you for you hard work and relentless creativity.

To everyone else, wow!



One thought on “Two Months on WordPress. WordPress, I think I Love You.

  1. You’re doing great with 100 followers in 2 months! It has taken me about 7 years to attract 200, but I’m not on the social media, and I don’t do anything to get new readers except share my heart and art process. I like your essays, thanks for coming around to artcalling and leaving a Like..

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