5 thoughts on “Evening in the Infinite Library

  1. I’ve spent many an infinite-seeming evening in a finite library, so I suppose I can relate 🙂 Thanks for liking my post (http://littlecabbageblog.wordpress.com/2013/12/28/lisa-congdon-hand-lettering/). I’m now following your blog

  2. I like how you’ve done the shadows here, nice picture! Have you been reading Borges by any chance?

    • Thanks for the comment, DisruptedCity. No, I have never read Borges, but it looks like I should. Do you have a recommendation? Right now I’m knee-deep in Camus (The Rebel), hence all of the Sisyphus lately… After too much looking into that abyss, I read a spy novel to rest my mind and bring it all back to earth.

  3. I love this one. It has a surreal feel to it, some kind of suspension. Nice artwork!

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